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In the depth of the night I walk down to the dock.

No wind.

No noise.

Looking out across the lake I see the distant lights. Some revealing the dim outline of structures;  some too distant to reveal anything. I stand in awe of the dark waters, the dimly lit shorelines, and the distant lights revealing nothing.

What is it about the darkness, the dimly lit shorelines, and the far off lights that moves me? Possibilities in the darkness? Mystery in the partially revealed? Adventure in the distant?

In the light of day, while still beautiful nothing I saw in the night would amaze me as much. It worries me that darkness brings more joy than light. If not knowing brings more joy than knowing why are we vexed with the desire to seek answers? Is it only the seeking we desire?  Are we to seek forever?

In the middle of the fog even the best eyes cannot see into the distance and the brightest lamp only makes things more obscure.

“…’Verily I say to you, if ye may not be turned and become as the children, ye may not enter into the reign of the heavens;” – Matthew 18:3 (YLT)

Jesus said unless we are as children we may not enter the kingdom of heaven. But maybe it’s not that we need to become like children, but just realize that we already are. In the realization that we are just children is freedom from every sin, every weakness, every shame.

What you know, you are.
What you are, you love.

To love is to know. To know is to be.

Still you have guilt about what you have done. Can you not see how ridiculous this is?

What you know, you are.
What you are, you love.

What you have guilt about, you hate.
What you hate, you cannot be.

Therefore, you feel guilty about something that is not you. What sense does that make?

If it were you, you would love it. If you hate it, it is not you.

Ask yourself this.

We know of only 2 things responsible for who and what we are.  Nature and nurture.

Which of these did you choose?

The only love is self love.  The only hate is self hate.

This is a half truth, but true enough for now.