Is nothing more than competing aspects of God. Aspects of God ignorant of each other and competing with each other. Without the ignorance no new knowledge, no new wisdom is possible. Ignorance makes possible the discovery of new combinations of the aspects of God. In truth there is no change; only enjoyment of the truth. In ignorance we mine the gems that live on in eternity – in truth.

Can you accept that every action ever taken by a person is in agreement with God as the actor sees and experiences it?  In that every action taken is in alignment with an aspect of God from the point of view of the one acting?  This is a very hard teaching to accept.  For many it will be absolutely impossible and for good reason.  It does not take much imagination to make this teaching appear horrific.  To attempt to apply this teaching to the extreme cases of cruelty from one to another would appear an insult to the suffering endured by the victim;  so I will not attempt it at this time.  Still I think this is a true teaching;  the understanding of which can help us see what we, and others, truly are.

We don’t error in our own actions.  We error in our knowledge of those outside us.

The separation was never a mistake.  It was a lie we told ourselves for a purpose.  The purpose being the desire to create, to give, something new.  Something that had not yet been known.  Something other than all the experiences of God.  God is all and God is love.  He wants more to love, more to know, but we can’t know more when we are in perfect unity.  We could never encounter ourselves, see ourselves, as we do in separation.  We know what we are by seeing what we are not.  And this is the purpose of the illusion of separation.  Chaos is our teacher and order is our home.

Even God gets bored. We are chaos and we are order. Chaos in our separation and order in our enjoyment of our learning through separation. You sit here now in a condition of separation and this idea is very fearful. My separation has no end? My pain has no end? It does not. But understand this; you always choose.

And what of those who always choose order? Are they less than those who choose chaos and pain? No. Because giving and receiving are the same. The one who gives through chaos receives as well. And he who gives receives 1,000 fold, for he gives to 1,000 brothers.

Separation is the only means to growth. In unity there is no discovery; only the enjoyment of previous creations. We want to think our journey ends in perfect joy and completion. We’re wrong. Infinite creation requires infinite separation. Still, we are in charge. We enjoy unity for as long as we desire and return to separation as we desire.

“The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground.”
“A fish is the last to learn about water.”

We know what we are by seeing what we are not.

The story goes like this. Adam and Eve are in a garden where they can eat from any tree, save one. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil. So of course they eventually do what every one of us would do; they eat from the tree they were told not to. Now they know good and evil. Now they must suffer.

This story presents us with the means of our downfall and suffering; but does it at the same time present us with the obvious means to our restoration? If knowing good and evil got us kicked out of Eden, what do we need to do to return?

I hope the answer is obvious.

The first 10 minutes is pretty funny and enlightening.  A discussion of why to choose one religion over another.