On a certain day, a man took a walk,
He went for a long walk.
Accidentally and unaware, he walked into paradise.
After this long walk he felt a little tired.
So he thought, “I am tired, I wish I could rest somewhere.”
He looked around and there was a nice tree.
Underneath which there was very cushiony grass. He went and laid his head down there and slept.
After a few hours he woke up, well rested.
And he thought, “I am well rested. But I am feeling hungry. I wish I had something to eat.”
And he thought about all the nice things he ever wanted to eat in his life and instantly all those things appeared in front of him.
Hungry people don’t ask questions. Food came and he ate.
His stomach became full and then he thought, “Oh my stomach is full. I wish I had something to drink.”
All the nice things he ever wanted to drink appeared to him.
Drinking people also do not ask questions, so he drank.
Now with a little bit of alcohol in him he started looking around and asked “What the hell is happening here. I asked for food, and food came. I asked for drink, and drink came. There must be ghosts around here.”
And ghosts came.
“The ghosts are going to surround me and torture me.”, he thought.
Immediately the ghosts surrounded him and started torturing him.
He started screaming in pain and thought, “The ghosts are going to kill me.”
And he died.

Though he didn’t know it, he had rested underneath a wishing tree.

Paraphrased from Sadhguru.